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Story One (1): Untitled

Loving caresses, misconstrued as the precursor of eroticism; once the innocent culmination of affection. Such intimacy (now archaic) appears abject.

Story Two (2): Untitled

It would have been a lie to declare that I had never had this pleasure before. It would have been an even greater guilt to declare, for her gratification, that I had not wholly enjoyed those experiences. But it mattered not. She knew it anyway. For she had seen the way that I had eyed the others before. Even seen me walk away with several of them on occasion. I hesitate to admit, despite the expected shame it brings me, that I am known for my frequently... 'browsing the merchandise'. But today, she wanted me. And, oh my, she had me. I have been told many times that vanity is base - that 'one should never judge a book by its cover' - but here had I laid eyes upon one so refined that I could naught but help myself.

Now, it is no secret that I have experienced, on many occasions, the feel and tenderness of those pale facets that make up that most coveted form. But there are also expectations of what particular variety of pleasurable company I am to indulge in. And while I must concede marginally to the accusation that there is a particular degree of pretentiousness in all this, it is not something that I would withdraw from based on these charges. For the illusion afforded to me herein grants me very real and satisfactory prestiges; and such feigned dignitaries and their rewards are compound.

Consider then, the potential damages to my reputation for considering (and, by extension, acting upon said consideration of!) an article of little repute or recognition!

We exchanged, at first, only coy flirtations from afar. While at this moment my attention was elsewhere, it is a fact that I had noticed (and been guiltily enticed by, insofar as brief curiosity would allow) her presence from the moment that I had entered that venue. And she had certainly noticed this fact. Now, doing everything within her power to will me unto her, I found myself intoxicated by her temptations. She, a dangerous blend of obscurity and dominating presence. It was not long before I was stolen from the attentions of any other in that room.

And my attention had plenty upon which it could gorge itself. That black garment of hers exhibited a striking air of dignity and sophistication; an attire that spoke volumes, with an immediate and arresting simplicity: daring, most certainly. Yet it remained unfettered by the fashion of bravado - an appearance otherwise commonplace for those whom she appeared to consort with. Imagine, if but you could, a dressing of the richest, deepest shade of black. Whose tender effect upon the skin would inspire the comfort inherent in the finest velvets. And which, upon contact, would nestle the fingertips in the pleasures of a delicately warm embrace. It was a testament to this beauty that, in a room full of others (who were quite evidently, though with exceptional guile, competing for the attention of any potential partner) that she, of the many, commanded absolute authority over one such as myself.

In time, I could no longer ignore her provocations. I casually worked my way across the room - stopping, periodically, to briefly attend the mandatory, though now trivial, attentions of another here and there - until I was finally in her wonderfully pleasing presence. Those fleeting glimpses of beauty were clarified now, her features steadfast under my vigilant scrutiny. It was now that I could detect - beneath the immediate, prevailing modesty - an impulse (or be it a conviction of sorts) to woo and to enamour. And then, deeper still, there was the suggestion of great haughtiness and pride; the knowing of her superiority, but with the temperance to exude but a slight, and certainly enigmatic, aura of this. It was, I believe, this remarkable suggestion of status that had captivated me so.

Though all this combined to suggest her to be quite meek, it was quite apparent to me that she revelled in this interaction, and that she would (but if she could) commit me to rapturous relations at this very moment. But she knew, being it the nature of things, that she was bound to await my advance.

It was now that my hesitations afforded me a moment to remind myself of the situation and reinstated a degree of control. I had lost myself most entirely, and drawn myself into a most unfamiliar situation. Suspicion dawned upon me - and most heavily indeed. There appeared a most evidential intrigue here, for I had noticed that, while she had solely won my attention, she herself had only earned the attention of myself. That such a seemingly perfect mix of mystery and grace had received not a moment of attention from any other aroused all manner of apparent fallacies. Was there something about in this place that was beyond my perception? I had not recalled seeing her before on any of the many times that I had frequented this place, and so considered the two possibilities and their associated implausibilities: being that, either, I had never noticed her before (but how could I have missed such a beauty until now?)... or that she had, in fact, never herself been here before at all, which begged the question: why, of the many people, had she singled me out for her attention? I would not, on pain of pride, be deceived and short-changed, to be ridiculed by my own folly! Her silence, until now, had made her a remarkable curiosity; but now it brought upon her great mistrust on my part, and I would not commit without knowing more of her true intentions and offerings.

I took hold of her, commanding but most gently, and drew her close. The intimacy stirred her, and she divulged, with the gentle subtlety of whispers, an insight to her purpose. Oh, how she wooed me. She spoke in all manner of wonderful imaginations, alluding to mysterious plots that may transpire between two such seemingly distant, yet destined, characters; whose individual intentions were, in fact, most certainly one and the same. And she declared that the whole of the past would be displaced with but this one memory, and that the future would crave to know of it again and again. She had dissolved all of my reservations, and left me powerless to resist!

I could take it no longer! I vowed, there and then, that I would share a great many hours with her, and that we would consummate the burning passion that had quickly embroiled the both of us!

Now, after paying my outstanding debts accrued during this visit, I left with my companion - flush with the anticipation of her effects.

The journey home proved to be a greater ordeal than I could have ever foreseen, serving to be an insurmountable trial of willpower and resolve. Radiant arcs of sunlight glanced upon her figure, highlighting her modest refinements. During this agonising journey she said not a word, but sat most comfortably upon the passenger seat by my side, tempting - no, no - demanding my gaze from the necessity of the asphalt. That deep black outfit that dressed her up so remarkably betrayed very little of her character to me than I already knew, and I found my blood stirred with the irresistible urge to delve into her depths.

We arrived at the residence just as the heat of sun was putting itself to bed.

With that same composed expression that she had presented to me since our first meeting, I invited her from the confines of our recent transportation and (her resting softly in my own hand) led her through the doorway to a quiet, secluded room just a few paces down the hallway. I permitted her to cross the threshold first, though followed her in quite briskly. It was here that, finally, we were alone: exempt from the convictions of publicity and at liberty to explore our intimacy. My anticipation provoked my impatience.

Having controlled my agonising affections since she had shared those brief words with me earlier, she now granted me a reprieve and, most seductively, laid herself before me, exposing an enthusing vulnerability without restraint. I could only surmise that she wanted this as much as I, and considered briefly that, for all her prior manipulations and subsequent controlling, it was beyond her to control her own dynamic. To this extent, she now surrendered herself to me.

Her very essence, hidden beneath that dark cover that enveloped her, roused all manner of enthusiasms. Slowly (oh, most sensually!) I pulled back the cover, revealing the smooth, pale softness of her body. As she was revealed to me I arched forward and held myself over her, greedily consuming her scent with flared nostrils. The formula of her fragrance was not unlike those that I had shared this guilty taboo with before. But hers boasted a certain individuality, being of seemingly equal yet contradictory parts rustic and cosmopolitan. It was so that her figure aroused all manner of euphoria. But her figure was so devoid of blemishes that it was, at this point, that I realised that she had never been in the embrace of a man before. Knowing that my eyes were the first to drift across the innocence of this virgin body, I relished this moment for as long as I could contain my infectious yearning. I promised myself to treat her with the utmost gentleness, and it was only until my sight had cruelly taunted the sensuality of touch into action that I allowed my fingers to caress.

She uttered so little as I ran my fingers across those creamy contours. Yet I knew that, within her, something dangerously addicting stirred. It would consume the two of us until the very end, neither of us willing to relinquish our hold on the other. Each moment that I teased her with tender strokes was a trail for me also, pushing us towards the throes of feverish ecstasy. But I refused to shatter her innocence until both she and I were entirely delirious with desire.

I had almost lost my mind to the delirium when, having retracted my grace from her and laying a hand upon the edges of her frame, her figure creased and buckled with an almost imperceivable subtlety. But I noticed it and, with drunken satisfaction, knew that she was silently imploring me to drink of her pleasure with all her might. Genteelly, I lightly moistened the tip of a finger for one last manipulation of her pale splendour. She reciprocated to such sensation exactly as I had expected: gradually, by my touch, her tenderness unfurled to reveal herself to me.

It was, at this moment, that I finally allowed myself to slide into her embrace.

As that first passage spread throughout my consciousness, I knew that she was everything she had promised to be. Each paragraph stirred my attitudes and affections, and I felt great elation in knowing, despite the inevitable poignance it inspired, that I would likely never enjoy the same pleasure in literature as I had in this moment. With every passing page she revealed the intricacies of her being, allowing me to explore her secrets and mysteries. With each episodic chapter, my satisfaction was had, and my wonder inspired.

As the climactic finale approached I could feel the pleasure culminating within my breast, and I abruptly halted our interaction at this moment to hold her close to my person. With the apex of our transaction drawing near, I knew that these last moments would be the most intense, and I vowed to savour their revelations for as long as I could manage myself.

The end comes with a most gratifying release.

Now, as I close the final page, I tenderly caress her form and, deftly, place her upon the shelf with the others. Though - despite curiosity being sated - I know that it will not be long before my desire for those memories, and her companionship, moves me to share her company once again. After all, she is a most remarkably fine example of well-crafted crime fiction, and I can see it as nothing short of criminal to leave her incarcerated for the rest of our days.

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